Sunday, July 25, 2010

More Sale!

Not only do we have things that are now up to 50% off, but we have also put our swimsuits on sale! Woohoo! Who's ready to hit the beach?

I gotta tell you folks, it doesn't look like this weather is going to let up any time soon... So what could be nicer than heading to the beach in your brand new (and on sale!) swimsuit? Think about it: you can lay out in the sun, get a nice tan, and take a dip in the cold ocean to cool off.

Take a gander at the website to see some of the styles we carry, or, better yet, swing by the store and try a few on.

In other Otto news... there's really nothing else to say. We're expecting Fall deliveries to begin next week (actually, we've already received some Fall clothing from 3 Dot), so I'm sure you will hear from me again soon. Maybe with pictures! Woohoo!

Stay cool,

Friday, July 9, 2010


You heard it here first, folks (unless you walked by our store recently and saw the sign in the window), Otto is having a sale!

We have a lot of summer clothing 25 % off, a few handbags for 50% off, and select shoes for $99!

Have you been pining after that dress you saw in the window a month ago? Here's your chance to snap it up before the dress-wearing-weather is gone! OK, chances are the dress-wearing-weather will be around for a while yet, so think of all the chances you'll have to WEAR that new dress you bought for 25% off!

In other Otto news:
We have two new jewelry designers, Margo Morrison and Victoria Beckerman.

Some of you may remember Victoria's beautiful belts from when Otto was still on 10th street. Now she's designing simple but exquisite jewelry. Oh, and her belts you loved so much? We have a few of them too.

Margo Morrison is a New York City based designer whose gorgeous semi-precious stone necklaces have caught the eye of several celebrities. Here is a nice piece on Margo (as well as a chance to see some of her designs) on Check it out!

This is Blogger Julia signing off, and wishing you all a cool weekend. May the shopping forces be with you.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Nancy G. Kids Clothes

We're finally getting this blog up and running! (Waits for applause.)
OK, the truth is we may not have any readers just yet. But, I am confident that our loyal customers will soon be clamoring to hear all the latest news about Otto, so I'm going to forge ahead and begin the official blogging.

First, let me tell you a little about the Otto team...

Annette opened this store around the corner from our current location, in 1989. It was mostly gift items, some truly amazing toys, lingerie, and clothes by Nancy G. (more on her later).

In 2005, Annette's friend Deirdre joined as her partner, and together they branched out into more clothing lines.

When the space which had previously been the Park Slope Craftsman became available, Otto made the move to 7th Ave, and opened it's doors once again in June 2007.

As for me, your blogging host, my name is Julia, and I started working at Otto in August 2007.

For me, Otto has forged a connection with the Park Slope community which has become my home. Many of our customers are also friends I greet by name, and, like a bartender, I hear about their troubles and their triumphs while they model new merchandise, treat themselves to a new dress, or just stop in for a chat.

I am proud that we feature many local artists such as Anni Kuan, Nancy G., Louise Fischer Cozzi, and many more. We also carry several European designers such as Strenesse, Huit, and Mandarina Duck, among others. We believe in quality fabrics that wear well and feel luxurious, as well as designs that don't go out of style, but will be a staple in your wardrobe for many years.

On that note, let me talk a little about the subject (before I got sidetracked and started rambling) of today's post: Nancy G.

As I already mentioned, Nancy has been designing and creating clothing for Otto for many years. Her classic denim skirt with the unique stitching designs is an Otto customer favorite. She also makes jersey dresses, tops, and shiny skirts. Her clothes are a great fit, easy to wear, and completely unique! Every piece is hand sewn by Nancy herself right here in Brooklyn, and she painstakingly searches for the best fabrics.

While adults have loved her designs for years, now kids can love them too! A year ago, Nancy made two skirts for Aki, the daughter of a friend of Otto. Aki loved them so much, we asked Nancy to create a whole line of kids clothes! Here are just a few:

Don't worry, we still have lots of adult things from Nancy, including dresses, tanks, shiny skirts, and of course, the classic denim!