Friday, July 9, 2010


You heard it here first, folks (unless you walked by our store recently and saw the sign in the window), Otto is having a sale!

We have a lot of summer clothing 25 % off, a few handbags for 50% off, and select shoes for $99!

Have you been pining after that dress you saw in the window a month ago? Here's your chance to snap it up before the dress-wearing-weather is gone! OK, chances are the dress-wearing-weather will be around for a while yet, so think of all the chances you'll have to WEAR that new dress you bought for 25% off!

In other Otto news:
We have two new jewelry designers, Margo Morrison and Victoria Beckerman.

Some of you may remember Victoria's beautiful belts from when Otto was still on 10th street. Now she's designing simple but exquisite jewelry. Oh, and her belts you loved so much? We have a few of them too.

Margo Morrison is a New York City based designer whose gorgeous semi-precious stone necklaces have caught the eye of several celebrities. Here is a nice piece on Margo (as well as a chance to see some of her designs) on Check it out!

This is Blogger Julia signing off, and wishing you all a cool weekend. May the shopping forces be with you.

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  1. I'll be in this weekend. I have been wearing my beautiful Otto summer dresses and get compliments left and right. Time for another, especially on sale.

    See you soon ladies.
    Elana F.