Sunday, July 25, 2010

More Sale!

Not only do we have things that are now up to 50% off, but we have also put our swimsuits on sale! Woohoo! Who's ready to hit the beach?

I gotta tell you folks, it doesn't look like this weather is going to let up any time soon... So what could be nicer than heading to the beach in your brand new (and on sale!) swimsuit? Think about it: you can lay out in the sun, get a nice tan, and take a dip in the cold ocean to cool off.

Take a gander at the website to see some of the styles we carry, or, better yet, swing by the store and try a few on.

In other Otto news... there's really nothing else to say. We're expecting Fall deliveries to begin next week (actually, we've already received some Fall clothing from 3 Dot), so I'm sure you will hear from me again soon. Maybe with pictures! Woohoo!

Stay cool,

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